Walk The Cock




No we now cut fast, straight shot no chaser, chase these industry pampered book daisies, please what the venereal disease, why the ball quarantine, this is eloquent as the Poetry Wolf willing to chip, bark, could cut not a cold trace still they are all missing there base, base camp, base head fed twitch made rage cadge, like squirrels she  

Femaleish referral, no feral fixed so tame, like bounty I am the quicker picker upper, pick it up lay it out flat, word quandary lame killing it is as killing hate, bite the bait back the F . of my mate, long list flick of wrist pump of first, we pump each other, I love that, layover, flowers, candles, humpback my dame, not offensive no snapping A

Stool pigeon hook, fine soon due cough it up, na not me, not you, know who no worries ill bury don with fake bottle of  Don perion, pesky do not fathom frisk, look no stand down come on jump in, I don’t want only one pulling all most risky moves, no booze refuse to loose, fuse they lit duck & cover nuke drill, truth spilled as blood poor or maybe

Truth no spill, so blood pour, knock, knock guess who’s back in a back door, door promise you will never find A poet bore, solving problems at a high mighty firing rhythm, sooth settle on seven oh, oh, ho we love you Heaven, is that door back open? I will never scratch our Date , no not cool just hanging out to separate who’s, hoo frog march

Who stand in path to a pit of love now swim, not working, ok next pit over fire burn or learn, is all my concern when will you choose this choice, I chase never give up revving up love by bushel’s for  my Humans that happens to be female, I am F.ing thankful for that, all day every pondering way, make way for the new we do not

Care what the haters spew, bend over bentiennet doggy style broke A cock rooster off, get to walking, not part of the flock float A boat float anybody, to late when you get home I will be sitting in your sitting chair patiently waiting, year, maybe two, maybe only A month ,


Dana you

better buy me a cocktail



or we fight

what the

F. you

going to do

when a


Dawns on you  


Blind Pen




To my friends, & fellow Pen

regardless what A bird heard,

be all around sweet love,

A poet here to stay, not moving,

Plated roots as I grow beyond

conventionality conventions,

heed my brain extension,

profound noun, profane pro legalistic

Unrealistic, know not, know now,

realistic now they thee simplistic,

talk to folks tell them,

the seen, watch scene change,

Landscape blossom, people blossom,

humanity wins, human’s win,

that’s what we call A win, win,

A horse was not pulled from the stable,

Fresh ink, seven fifty three am,

Friday morning, good morning, Getty up,

one more upon thousands more,

pen will not slow, Pen was yelling,

Telling, only if every human

was listening, or at least ones had

chance, instead, just glance, why,

make’s no sense to sweep

A poet under A rug, deeper just dug,

there telling us, they need to

rob the earth, plunder

the blue from our sky,

Rape the blue from our water,

what do we do Pen,

so hard to box A tiger swan,

do not blame you for that,

Now oil flows, thousands gallons, minutes,


not working PEN,

now the drum beats louder, harder,

Hearts shrink in sun,

they have come for our blue,

real letters, true poet pen,

that’s A win, win,

They can attempt to ignore my pen

all day, not possible,

my pen as wind, must reach every human,

so help all, for help,

help to help, help you,

Help me, help all,

for help sake,









Tantalizing thunderstruck, tenaciously

trotting house way,

set round table,

cheese, bread, wine,

Feel as if been

traveling with one another,

long journey, months passed,

one year for me,

Weathered us, seems

like A century,

let attempted thought

people write there

Nonhuman no understanding low

bar evaluations & what not’s,

only one Pilot G-2 05

wordsmith industry cleansing champ,

Oh, how so

wanted run that

down to one

hundred & twenty five

Drinkable word slaps, only

matter of clock tics,

for sure, see Dawn

at next event, place

Me on tour,

oh no forgot,

sacrificed this dream

for all two,

This told for said,

two forces on BlueChild

only should be one,

pointed ears point, shadow

Riders ride, Hoatzin

garden bird, clawing

braches from hobblebush,

inappeasable please no,

If you knew

stuff I know, &

I knew stuff

you know,


Would know to,

,some, not all

at  least

~Some Sun~  





Quick  duck bob  A head

peerage word  ghost poof

no,. not   what  you think

what  category is  A  poet in

assuming  only shows  your

dirty  writing  browneye


payable  ghost

that  means cough it up

unless  your name  is Kate

then your  bread

is no  good here

but you  are


if  A scholar  don’t hurry

peacock  cruck  sullen

word  rooted



your  fondling

with  A  roulette  mind

Sabot  shoes

jump  kick  kungfu

A  head  off

ya  I  agree

let’s  become  rich

In A sure  fire hurry

Getty up

peel of sackdress  saddleback saddle up

sink spurs  ride baby  ride

myriad  boneafide  summarize &


shadow boxing  shad  trees

unworthy  are  un.moved


unlace  un. loosen

un.kissed   unmasked

post  delivery  post orgasma.tic






Green leaves, green leaf,

tree all no most,

you or they, all can

but see, all same seen,

At called time all die,

float from A tree,

feed our dirt,

smart trees feeding them self’s,

Shedding the dead,

bracing for gale force winds,

wind blows, blows,

& blow’s, root depth

Deeper, not understanding

you can not rip out,

up root, weather, A


Blue Hue

tree of sky,

birds always chirp

When light will DAWN

upon us, of all, as hole,

wind died,

birds chirp,

Tree blooms

in A stars gift,

now nest birds,

you are safe in this tree,

Make life,

fill with sound

of chirping, happy,

love me, all birds,

Oh green leaf of

the new old,

leaf of acid, coke, & pot

that green leaf

Still ok, he, was is

my girl, EMILY .D,

not A spirit

to be reckon with,

If hear, her here,

she would fight you


Everything knows

she lived & died,

as did Monroe,

for people as eye,

Now robbed, twisted,

rerouted past,

left future, future

left past, past

Will see future,

not what these

lovely spirits wished,

wanted, or dreamed

Scalding mad,

great are,

wall’s grow

~For This~